100,000 meals – 100,000 smiles with JinJoo Home

JinJoo Home tries to organise collaborative activities in order to achieve the mission of developing community, building the society, and fostering well-being.

Why is the campaign “100,000 meals – 100,000 smiles with JinJoo Home” launched?

JinJoo Home will combine with our inhabitants to launch the 100,000 meals – 100,000 smiles project in which we share the small joys and kindness with the unfortunate ones in the society such as children selling lottery tickets; orphans, lonely elderly individuals, and low-wage workers. Day by day, we will have more peaceful smiles at the end of it.

A meal of love and warmth with the smile campaign with JinJoo Home

A meal of love and warmth with the smile campaign with JinJoo Home

Stories of “Difficulties piling up difficulties” through the pandemic season

They may say “Fabulous Saigon”. But after the consequences of the pandemic we can see through “Flowers for the rich, tears for the poors”. With JinJoo’s, the prọect “The Smile with JinJoo Home” charity event, we not only meet the poors people but also share with them the story, the struggles.

The story ” I’m so hungry” of the driver on a busy road

‘Hey, I’m extremely hungry’. A hopelessly small call we heard on a busy street in the heart of District 1, coming from a traditional motorbike taxi driver. He is not the only one here fighting against the poverty after the pandemic and in the modern high-tech society. Despite the fact that Vietnam is a fast developing country, this does not mean that poverty no longer exists in Vietnam, particularly since Covid-19 pandemic.

Undoubtedly, Vietnam has suffered difficult and painful moments over the last few decades ever since the American war to the recent outbreak. Sars-Covid 19’s had a lasting impact on the whole society. Unfortunately, there are thousands of individuals who have lost their jobs and even lost their lives in this world. 

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“Hey, I'm too hungry" the whispers heartbreakingly sad

“Hey, I’m too hungry” the whispers heartbreakingly sad

Acknowledging the challenges that many people are facing. JinJoo Home proposed to our residents to join hands and assist those who are in need. With the intention of preventing poverty, we offer to withdraw a portion of residents’ monthly rent for accomplishing the objective of “100,000 meals, 100,000 smiles with JinJoo Home.”

JinJoo Home hope to bring joy and warmth to difficult lives

JinJoo Home hope to bring joy and warmth to difficult lives

The suffering stories from the poverty during the pandemic

Ms. Lai (78 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City) confided: “I have children, but after this pandemic, my family had great difficulties. In order to make ends meet for the whole family, we have to divide the work. I’m at home, we are starving”. Looking at the wrinkles on the woman’s face, we sympathized and appreciated her hardships. With a tired look on her face, she was sitting in the sun underneath the shadow of a tree in Tao Dan Park. The hot lunch box would probably help her find better peace of mind.

Hot meals delivered to people in difficulty

Hot meals delivered to people in difficulty

Walking farther for more than ten metres, we saw a man with blonde hair sitting on the side of the road on an old motorcycle. Looking at him, you will easily know that he is in lots of difficulty. Acknowledging the technology, he cannot achieve Grab or Be to earn money like the young nowadays. Therefore, he lost many earned-saving opportunities. Moreover, after the Covid-19 pandemic his family’s economy also declined significantly, and post-covid make his health worsen.

A lovingly cherished meal for the poor residents of JinJoo Home

JinJoo Home and the campaign “100,000 meals, 100,000 smiles”

To support the message: “The whole country joins hands for the poor – leaving no one behind”, JinJoo Home launched a charity program with specific actions to give meals for needy people on the street, vegetarian dinners to Buddhists, and give milks to disabled children at the shelter of love. 

Once a month, JinJoo Home’s volunteer group will gather in areas such as hospitals, parks, temples and other locations to provide food to people who are in need. Although the quantity is insufficient to support the entire city of 10 million people, it has significant importance for the city, not only in terms of material but also in terms of mental relief. Let’s attend JinJoo Home and use simple acts to bring people together.

Small actions, great happiness

Small actions, great happiness 

Last weekend, JinJoo Home staff and their residents sent hot meals to the elderly but still had to work under the blazing sun of Saigon.

How to participate in volunteer activities with JinJoo Home?

Are you a resident of JinJoo Home, an employee or a collaborator of the company? You can join this project every month by contacting the operations department to arrange the event.

In addition, for benefactors and partners who want to participate in JinJoo Home in the fight against poverty, we are always ready to accept all donations via the account:

Bank name: Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB)

• Account number: 88883066

• Beneficiary account name: FAMOUS EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD

For information support, please contact: (+84) 369 912 793 or email: communication@jinjoohome.com

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