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May 12, 2021

Volunteer trip at Tam An Orphanage

Last March, JinJoo Home organized the first volunteer trip for tennants and staffs to visit Tam An Orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City.

Located in a small alley on Le Duc Tho Street, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Tam An Orphanage is the place to take care of abandoned children, disabled children with no family. This is a place of love, a destination of kind hearts and also needs the community’s attention and help. According to the orphanage’s director, this place are nurturing more than 30 children with many different circumstances, the smallest child is just 5 months old, and the oldest child this year is in grade 11.

During this trip, JinJoo Home received the introduction about Tam An orphanage and the pitiful plight of the children here. There are children who have been abandoned since birth, there are disabled children who are not cared for by their parents or any relatives, some have Agent Orange, and have cerebral palsy. However, they still look innocent, happy, lovely, still study, live and work in Tam An common house – their loving home. At this point, JinJoo Home admires the energy of life, the relentless rise to conquer the children’s circumstances, admires the ladies, the nuns at Tam An who are still dedicated to taking care of them, loving them like mothers.

When JinJoo Home asked Trang –  grade 11, what kind of house do I want to live in a house in the future, she replied: “Yes, I want to live in the house with my dear nuns, my little sisters and brothers. ” If this question were asked of Trang’s peers, many answers would be like “I want an artificial intelligence Smarthome” or “Villa with large garden and large swimming pool”. But with Trang, just having family is enough. Thus, even though the children lacked the affection of their parents from a young age, they were fortunate enough to grow up in a house built with love, so they did not have any noble desires. Just be together forever and love each other.

The trip to Tam An Orphanage gave JinJoo Home members a lot of emotions. The question is: What is pain? Pain is when a person finds themselves getting something not good. So what is not good? Is it only when there is good that people know what is not good, that is, there must be a comparison? The pain, perhaps too? So here you are, these children have cerebral palsy, they have never received parents’ love, they are not aware, do they know that they are in pain?

JinJoo Home does not know the answer, only the affection for the children is the most obvious, when we look into their eyes, we are looking at the innocence, when we hold their hands. We are trying to say: “Baby, eat well, grow up!”.

Such a meaningful trip… JinJoo Home hopes they will continue to be happy, healthy and love each other forever.

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