JinJoo Home Scholarship – Accommodation & Career, mentorship Scholarship

JinJoo Home commits to build a well-being community with a sustainable business vision and philosophy. We have always aimed to develop the young group in society, especially students. In order to encourage the learning motivation in the young students as well as offering accommodation aid for immigrant students in Ho Chi Minh city, JinJoo Home has collaborated with our honourable advisors from top universities in the world – Harvard and Cambridge university. 

Jeffrey Schwenk – Honor degree, Classics at Harvard University, 30 years working as a diplomat for US governmentNeil Hardwick – Graduated Social Sciences from Cambridge University. 28 years leading the world’s leading media group groupM – WPP.
Scholarship JinJoo HomeScholarship JinJoo Home

A few introductions about the professional advisory board

JinJoo Home Scholarship is given to students with good academic results, active students in school extracurricular and coming from poverty backgrounds. There are 3 types of Scholarship: JinJoo Home Accommodation Scholarship, JinJoo Home Career Scholarship and JinJoo Home Mentorship

1. JinJoo Home Accommodation Scholarship

JinJoo Home is a pioneer in the co-living model in Vietnam. JinJoo Home has sponsored accommodations for students with excellent achievements and  poor ones overcoming difficulties since 2020. The scholarship grants housing fees for 3-6 months (1-2 semesters) at JinJoo Home’s projects around the city.

Learning is not only the progress of getting academic knowledge but also about growing up, earning life experiences to be more civilised and more responsible to the society we live in. Students will experience the civilised urban life when staying at JinJoo Home. 

At JinJoo Home, the co-living concept allows students to open their mindset and discover new things in life everyday. Furthermore, everyone in the house can enjoy all the happy moments together from Going to school, watching TV, cooking to sharing meals, and eventually growing up together.

A modern coliving lifestyle at JinJoo Home

Students study together at JinJoo Home scholarship apartmentStudents study together at JinJoo Home scholarship apartment 1

Students study together at JinJoo Home scholarship apartment

JinJoo Home organizes many community events that allow its residents to join and share joy and happiness. 

2. Career Scholarship

In addition to the Accommodation scholarship. JinJoo Home plans to create job opportunities for freshers who have just graduated with our Career scholarship program. Senior students will apply the knowledge they have learned from school at PearlCoin as part of their internship. Pearlcoin is the mother group that owns the JinJoo Home brand, established in 1988 in Hong Kong. You’ll work in a vibrant, energetic, and professional world-class office. 

After the internship at the company, if you show your great performance and positive working attitude that matches the company’s philosophy, you will be chosen for a full-time position. 

We believe that having the opportunity to intern in a dynamic environment is the key to success, as it will provide a foundation for graduates to be able to develop their career.

Receiving a scholarship to start a business at JinJoo Home will create favorable conditions for you

Receiving a scholarship to start a business at JinJoo Home will create favorable conditions for you

3. Mentorship Scholarship

JinJoo Home believes that it is critical for students to have career orientation advice and mentorship. Mentorship can help you understand  yourself fully, your life’s objectives and what you truly want, allowing you to make better decisions about your future route. JinJoo Home scholarship advisers from top colleges across the world, including Cambridge, Harvard, Brown and UCLA will help the young students to develop a strong, firm career in their bright future.

JinJoo Home has been giving mentorship scholarships to students with outstanding academic accomplishments at institutions around Ho Chi Minh City throughout the year. For a period of 3-6 months, you will participate in a training course with representatives from Pearlcoin organisation.

Training scholarships for students with commendable academic achievements

Training scholarships for students with commendable academic achievements

Please call the hotline for further information about the scholarship and how to apply for it:+(84) 369 912 793 | or email: Scholarship@jinjoohome.com.

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